Jasmijn Verduyn

Jasmijn Verduyn is a Bacherlor of Design alumni from the ArtEZ university of the Arts.

Her work mostly consist around the human body. You can see the interest of outdoor sports coming back in multiple ways within her projects.


Her graduation project "Fluctuate - Start with everything/nothing. End with nothing/everything" is a result of a research of the daily activities we all undertake, in our working life as well leisure. She researched the changes that happen within these activities.

The gathering and anti-gathering.

Verduyn designed different kinds of containers that can fluctuate/change. Everything can be specified to the quantity of items that will be carried in that moment.




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2017 See YA DUDE by BNO at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

2017 Fantasy Forest Fashion show by Modefabriek, Amsterdam

2017 ArtEZ Finals, Arnhem

2016 Transit/ion at Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem

2016 Manufacture of Desire at Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem

2015 Please Obese, Arnhem




2017 DEW Magazine Sport issue. Caught in the Headlights

Photography by Bo Bannink, Styling by Eva Pamfillie, Model Lauren Raaijmakers


© 2017 Jasmijn Verduyn