Jasmijn Verduyn

Adventure food 2015

Childhood obesity studies show that there two factors that play a major role in the existing and occurrence of it: daily exercise/movement and a knowledge shortage of food.

Children often do not know where our food comes from. For example that you can eat a lot of the plants at the side of the road or found elsewhere in nature. They’re familiar with the food from the supermarket and what their parents put on the table. This poses a big problem for children with obesity and it's occurrence. Children take over the eating habits of their parents and do not know whether this is good or bad.

For children, exercise is very important. Through the last couple of years their daily movement of is greatly reduced because of the introduction of game-consoles. Through combining the movement in nature and the stimulation of knowledge about food, was the inspiration for this set of tools.


With this set, I would want to encourage to rediscover their natural urge of being outdoors. They can use this to explore the possibilities of our nature, and also to be amazed by it.

It is focused on our forests, the kids would want to take it with them. Therefore the entire set fits into this backpack. So while discovering what nature has to offer, at the same time having their daily exercise.



This project was in collaboration with Kees de Graaf from University of  Wageningen and Ed van Hinte. The Exhibition Please Obese ran during the ArtEZ Finals.





Start with nothing/everything

End with everything/nothing




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